Aroma Ejuice Mission Statement:

Aroma aspires to be the country’s premier ejuice company, offering superior eliquids to vapers everywhere.  Being the premier eliquid company does not mean being the biggest but it does mean being the best in terms of consumer value, customer service, employee talent, and consistent and predictable growth.

 We Are the Proud Manufacturer of Whole Tobacco Alkaloid Eliquid’s 

Aroma Ejuice has been producing eliquid / ejuice and serving to the Electronic Cigarette community since 2009. Our main goal is to deliver personalized service, while having the highest standard in production and extractions of eliquids. At Aroma Ejuice, we will strive and maintain the highest standards for manufacturing and extractions that will meet and exceed current industry standards. At Aroma Ejuice we take great pride to be the first in the research, introduction and manufacturing of

Whole Tobacco Alkaloid eliquid also known as WTA.

Welcome to Aroma Ejuice.  We are assuming you came to our site to learn more about our new line of eliquid.  This ejuice is also known as "Whole Tobacco Alkaloid" or WTA.   The developer, known as Dvap, coined the term WTA.  This project has been a long endeavor during the last few years.  Dvap is considered one of the brightest people in the industry who has put forth effort to help us produce a very unique ejuice that few have ever experienced. We worked with a pioneer who is widely known and quoted in the vaping community. Without his help, knowledge and support, we would not be able to bring such a unique ejuice to the vaping community. 

Aroma Ejuice also employs several professional doctorate chemists with decades of experience.  Our goal is to produce some of the finest eliquid on the market. With the help and insight from highly educated and compassionate individuals, we are now able to introduce this new line of juice. The response we have received from our satisfied customers who have tried the various blends has been most gratifying. Development continues to make this unique vaping experience one that truly surprises and excites you.

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 Product Information

Aroma's products contain propylene glycol, kosher vegetable glycerin, nicotine and natural and artificial flavors. As with all nicotine products, customers must be at least 21 years old to order. 

FAQ's about WTA What is Whole Tobacco Alkaloids e-liquid ( WTA )? WTA contains minor tobacco alkaloids along with nicotine in the form of a traditional e-liquid. The process used to purify nicotine from tobacco for traditional E-juice is rather...


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